Sunday, June 7, 2009

The New Urban Mobile Backyard Chicken Coop

Check out the new design for the Urban Mobile Backyard Chicken Coop.

Watch the video for a demonstration (sorry for the poor sound quality, I don't really have a lisp)
For more info, email me at

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Conservation Series

I walk into a kind of DaDa landscape - There's a wall of water held back by a dam. Along the banks of the river lays once constructed materials. These bricks and broken slate lay in disarray along the shore. Fire destroyed the factory. It now lays dormant on the shore. The kinetic force of the water entangle everything leaving a natural pattern of colors and hues of earth tones.

I collect these materials and use them to create jewelry and I collect bricks to tile our driveway. The beauty of this landscape is amazing. I feel the weight of history in this place.

By salvaging this material I am in fact cleaning the river. It's hard to imagine these sandy banks empty of bricks for they lay in the thousands - I think it's a good dream to have.

I form the slate into geometric shapes which then hang around the neckline to compliment these stones with a human form. I'm calling this work The Conservation Series.

They are for sale in my etsy shop. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Roll Wardrobe

Here is a quick look at my latest project

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Urban Chicken Coop

My new and improved version of my portable chicken coop was available for viewing today at the Greenfield Farmers Market. There is a buzz going around, not only with the people who witnessed the amazing construction of the Coop, but also with some people who have heard about its existence through the grapevine. So, upon request, I am posting some photos here and a quick video demonstration.  Unfortunately, the photos are of last years model, so keep in mind that the newer model (in the video), that you can place an order for, is new and improved.

Below you can watch a video of the new and improved chicken coop. There are no chickens in this coop, but you can witness how each aspect works and see the great improvements on my design. Enjoy!


Scroll down for more photos of the older model, featuring our very own egg laying chickens!

The Coop can comfortably fit 6 chickens (which is the exact amount that the Greenfield Farmers Exchange has as minimum for a single order of chicks) We did have 6,
but one passed away the first night we bought our chicks.

We have the happiest chickens on the block (and
 probably the ONLY chickens on the block... that is until our neighbors purchase one of the Coops!)

What you will find new in this model is that the door to access the hen house is hugely improved upon. An annoying aspect of our coop is the the door does not stay open on its own (hence the metal piece propping it open) The newest model has a door that will stay open on its own.

Another new feature is the door to access the feed and the water opens the opposite way.  On our own coop, this was an afterthought, therefore it is not perfect.  You can be assured that the quality and the refined features of the newest model work (and look) 100% better

Both doors have hook an eye loops that can be locked to keep predators out.

Here you can see the waste tray pulled out part way.  The three hinged flaps flip up in order for the tray to be removed and for the coop to become mobile.  The hinged flaps as well as the waste tray, when pushed in and flipped down, also keep rodents and predators away from your precious hens.

Here you see a picture of me closing the sliding door, which is located at the front of the henhouse.  The door closes with a friction seal, making it impossible for any animal to access the hens through the door.  Since the hens naturally want to roost when it gets dark (you can see the inside of the house with the roost perch below) I can close them all in at night.

Here you can see the inside of the house.  A difference in the new model is that the egg boxes are positioned in the back of the hen house, with a slight backwards tilt, making for easy access to the eggs.

Again, a photo of the inside.  With 5 chickens, we average on about 3-4 eggs a day, much more than we can eat (the dog gets some of them, too)   A happy chicken is an egg laying chicken!

The last and most important feature, it's portable!  The coop is rests on recycled lawnmower wheels and has two metal handles for lifting.  Like I said before, the chickens naturally roost at night.  The process of cleaning the coop is relatively easy.  I close the chickens in their house the previous night.  In the morning, before I let them out, I flip the hinged flaps up on all three sides and remove the waste tray.  I move them to their new destination along our back fence.  I then let them out, they immediately begin scratching and digging for insects.  I then feed and water them, then I continue to rake and clean the area where they had previously been.

I am available for orders now.  Please allow 2 weeks for production.  I can deliver locally for an extra cost (ugh, gas prices!)  Send me an email at artisandesignsdtb(@)

Thanks for your interest, we love our chickens and we know you will love to have chickens too!

Darryl and Carrie

Monday, May 26, 2008

Serious Woodworking...

This is what happens when a fine woodworker, his dog, and a digital camera work all day together in a small shop...


p.s. no cute dogs were injured in the making of this video

Thursday, May 22, 2008

If anyone is in Vermont this weekend...

We will be at the Wilmington Vt Flea Market for a weekend of crafts and fun! Please come by our booth and check out our work. My fiancee will be there with me, she will have beautiful handbags, jewelry and accessories.

I will also have a new product in my shop, I have featured one for about a week now. I am designing and making wooden combs. They have been a big hit so far with family and friends, check it out.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A little late....

(These are a little bit late, I know I said last Sunday, life gets crazy!)

New coasters in the shop!! There are only two sets right now, get them while they are available! More to come soon!